Friday, 13 March 2015

Powder - Pink Ribbon Foundation

Powder are a UK based accessory shop that specialises in beautiful and unique scarves (as well as gloves and faux fur). I recently received one of their spring scarves from their latest collection and even though spring scarves (or any type of scarves) aren't usually my thing, I really fell in love with this one. The Pink Ribbon Foundation Scarf really stood out for me because of it's beautiful combination of colour and the light and soft silk that it's been made from.

Another reason to love this scarf is that Powder donates 100% of their profit made from it (and that means every single penny!!) to the UK Breast Cancer Charity (The Pink Ribbon Foundation), meaning that you're funding and supporting a very very very good cause. However, if you don't like the look of this scarf, I'm pretty sure you'll love some of the others on Powder's website.

Make sure to check them out and let me know down in the comments some of your favourite Powder products, and even if you don't think they're for you, think of getting one as a gift for someone else.
(Hint: it's mothers day on the 15th of March!!)


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