Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sole Affair

*I'm really sorry about not updating but I've been really busy with life and stuff like that, apologies for being sloppy with my blog*
I put this casual outfit together in about 5 minutes today as I wanted to write about the block heels I recently received from Sole Affair without getting too dressy. I first wore these absolute babes when I went to Annecy (France) and realised that they go really well with casual black joni jeans as well as dresses. What I really love about these is that I can style them with literally any outfit, and they make me look sassy as hell, in comparison to normal flats that I wear on a normal day.
I always wore platforms which are sort of heels that cheat completely, because my foot was laid flat in the actual shoe and that made them very easy to walk in (they still made my legs look better and me taller which is basically the same effect heels have), but over the past few months I've been experimenting with heels and have come to the conclusion that walking in them is in fact, a quite enjoyable art. I am almost pretty certain that I can walk in block heels (I will eventually be brave enough for stilettos) without looking like an idiot and I'm excited to wear them out on casual days instead of just parties. They are great for anything, apart from long shopping trips, unless you're an expert in heel strutting. 
I'd recommend styling these with some gold accessories as the buckle and cap are gold, and personally, I think that mixing silver with gold is a crime. You won't be able to see, but the chain on my fluffy white bag is gold, as well as the bridge of my sunglasses. 
Like I said, it didn't take long to put this outfit together, but I was really happy with the result, and I definitely recommend these bad boys, because they're simple, yet so effective for any dull outfit.

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  1. i lov your blogs you am so glad you were born

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  3. Really love the jumper and the bag together x